Our donors, and the beneficiaries of their generosity, have stories to share.

Read their inspiring stories below:


Becca Hajjar ’89

Becca Hajjar ’89 might just be predisposed to giving — her blood type, after all, is O, the universal donor. That is not, however, what prompts her generosity with her alma mater.

Kate Szpila ’98

As a 23-year-old Foreign Service officer in Tokyo, Kate Szpila ’98 represented the United States in a border dispute between Japan and Russia. In her early thirties, in Kabul, Kate helped Afghan women overcome hurdles to serving in the military.

Patricia Casey Shepherd ’69

“Miss Hall’s provided me with a goal, like a dare, and I accepted,” recalls Tricia, whose academic interests were in fields, such as math, usually dominated by boys. “I needed the single-sex environment to develop my own learning style and my own voice and to not be silenced by the louder voices of boys.”

Valorie Walker Guthrie ’71

Valorie Walker Guthrie’s mother delighted in telling and re-telling the story of Valorie’s acceptance to Miss Hall’s School.