Valorie Walker Guthrie’s mother delighted in telling and re-telling the story of Valorie’s acceptance to Miss Hall’s School. 

“My mother always pushed the best education as the ticket to our success,” says Valorie, who began high school at a segregated North Carolina school. She endured forced desegregation as a sophomore before attending Miss Hall’s through the A Better Chance (ABC) program. 

Valorie credits MHS with changing the trajectory of her life. “Miss Hall’s took me from a small community, where I had little exposure to the world, and put me on a precipice where the world was at my fingertips,” she says.

That’s why her decision to join the Heritage Society, Miss Hall’s planned giving circle, was an easy one. “Any time we can make that kind of a wholesale difference in someone’s life it is a wonderful thing,” Valorie adds. “You know these girls will be changed forever, and I feel that way about me, too.”